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Vizzu is a revolutionary data visualization tool that enables everyone to
turn static, boring charts into interactive, animated data stories.

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Vizzu Stories

Here are some stories created with Vizzu. When we'll get to the point to release our software everyone will be able to create similar interactive visualizations, videos and more.

Until then, check out these examples to get the feeling of how entertaining and self-explanatory data becomes with Vizzu.

Continents & Countries Compared
Trump's Twitter Tirade
Interactive data explorer about the pandemic in the US - Source: The COVID Tracking Project
Forbes Hungary Rich List 2020
Hungarian Economic Sentiment Index by GKI
How much cocoa farmers get?
Florence on the move - Looking at the Nightingale chart from different perspectives
The history of the US federal R&D Budget
Profit on mobile phone sales
Radiaton dose in Chernobyl
More coming soon
Vizzu Benefits

Dynamic, interactive visualizations have clear advantages compared to static charts such as traceability, space-saving and the ease for the audience to keep focused.

There are also advantages that assist designers in tackling specific data visualization challenges. Here are some typical examples.

Showing small & big numbers in one chart
Explaining complex charts as a story
Experiment freely - no constrains
Put things into perspective
Follow along the story
More coming soon

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